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I was a member last year and registered for the annual meeting but am unable to log in to the website as a member?

Membership dues are not included in annual meeting registration fees for those that register as a “member” type.  If a non-member registers for the meeting as one of the “non-member" types an "individual" complimentary membership for the following year is included, once all payments have been made for the appropriate non-member registration type.  


The following are the annual meeting registration types that are commonly available to those registering for GRITS annual meetings:

Registrant Type


1 - Delegate (Member)

This is for members only and does not include renewal fees.  

2 - Delegate (Non-Member) Pub

This is for non-members belonging to public or non-profit organization.  The fee includes 1 complimentary Individual-public membership for the following year.

3 - Delegate (Non-Member) Priv

This is for non-members belonging to private agencies or organizations.  The fee includes 1 complimentary Individual-private membership for the following year.

4 - Student (Member)

This is for student members only and does not include renewal fees.

5 - Student (Non-Member)

This is for non-members that are students.  The fee includes 1 complimentary student membership for the following year.


This is for members and non-members that are registering as exhibitors.  It does not include any member renewal fees.

There are Sponsor and other registrant types that are only available to adminstrators and event coordinators.  These also do not include any member renewal fees. 


For more information on membership types and dues visit the Member Dues page.

How do I know when I am supposed to renew?

Membership in GRITS follows the calendar year.  January 1st through December 31st.  However, if you join during the last 3 months of the year your membership will apply for the following year as well. 


At the end of the calendar year renewal notices are automatically generated and emailed to all members whose membership will expire.   When you receive these notices you will need to click the link and log in to the website to renew your membership.  At the end of the renewal process you may pay by credit card or mail in your check to the GRITS mailing address.   Be sure to keep your member profile up-to-date with your correct email address as this will affect renewal notices and other automatic notifications. 

What should I do if I forgot my username/password?
If you are having trouble logging into the website and have forgotten your username/password, complete the following steps to reset your username/password.

On the login page, Click the link "Forgot My Username/Password." 

Once you click the link "Forgot your username/password", a pop up will appear. Enter your email address and first name, and click the OK button to proceed. 

When you click the OK button, a message will appear letting you know your password has been reset. You will receive a message from with details of your username and new password. After you login with the new password, you can change the password to something more intuitive.